Building Maths Confidence For 10th Boards

Building Maths Confidence For 10th Boards

Dear worrying parents,

It's your child's first board exams. You want her to score high marks in maths.
You are thinking...
1. Should she prepare herself?
2. Should she go to a tutor?

Mastering maths

Educators suggest a three step process to master maths.

1. Preview
Understand the concepts. It takes place at schools.

2. Review
Revise the concepts with homework.

3. Overview
Gauge strengths and weaknesses with tests. 

Practice is the key

The last two steps are about practicing concepts.
Practicing questions and writing tests are the best ways to master -- more the better.

It's not easy

1. Self study  requires course material, worksheets and lots of tests.
2. Finding good tutors is difficult.

If you feel the same, then Edugain can help you.

Introducing Edugain

It's a website, where  students can practice endlessly.
They can take as many tests as they want.

It's a three step process

Just pick a topic, say 'linear equations'. 

Step 1: Practice questions:   
Practice three times. 10 questions each time.
2. Aim to score seven out of ten each time.

Begin Practice

Step 2: Worksheet:
1. Download a worksheet for  linear equations.
2. Write your answers and check them.
3. Your goal is to score above 80%.

Download Worksheet

Step 3: Take online test:
1. Log in with the password.
2. Your aim is to score above 90%.

Take Test

If you score less than 90, it's time to...
1. Go to step 1: practice
2. Go to step 2: worksheets

Get the Edugain Advantage in maths

Become your child's best tutor.

Sign Up

It's free.

1. You will get endless practice questions.
2. Download unlimited worksheets.
3. Your child can take infinite tests.